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Bye bye, beautiful...Don't bother to write.

23 July
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You either love me or hate me. There is no inbetween. I am self-suffcient, hard working, loyal, caring, cultured, stubborn, intelligent, vulgar, crazy, prideful, and too generous for my own good. My convictions are strong and often times too idealistic to live up to realistic expectations.

2 step, 23 inch rims, 66 mustangs, 80's anything, 80's music, a christmas story, acting cute, acuras, attitude, barely legal, bass, bb guns, beating the man, being all knowing, being cute, being exposed, being talked about, bettie page, black & white, blondes, blue, blue eyes, bluntness, bois, breakbeats, brothers, challenges, circuit parties, coldplay, conflict, coronas, crazy people, culture, cute people, dancing, david gray, difficult girls, disco house, discovery channel, distractions, down comforters, dumb and dumber, equal rights, erotica, etta james, exotic features, fag hag, fate, flirting, foreplay, forgiving, fresh towels, friends, garbage, gay house, getting laid, girls, gizmo, goosebumps, green eyes, growing, guitar, hard trance, hawaiian punch, headphones, her, holding hands, homies, hondas, house music, hugs, incubus, innocence, intelligence, jeff buckley, kind gestures, kissing, laughing, lil john, lil kim, listening, loyalty, margaret cho, massive attack, micro, midgets, missy elliot, mp3s, observing, parties, piercings, pride, progressive house, project chicks, punk, radiohead, real friends, respect, rhythm, rocky mountains, ryan adams, s & m, sarcasm, scratching, second chances, secret crushes, seduction, sensuality, shorties, shots, sincerity, sleep, smiles, snow, soulmates, southern comfort, speakers, stereophonics, straight drunk lesbians, sublime, subtleness, sweet people, taking back sunday, talking, tech house, teddy bears, tequila, text messaging, thai food, the color purple, the donnas, the l word, the past, the real world, thinking too much, thoughtfulness, tiesto, tobagans, true love, tuning people out, turntables, unconditional love, veruca salt, victoria's secret, vinyl, vocals, vodka, weezer, winking, witt